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I did this job on my manual tranny Boxster and it was pretty straight forward. I had never done anything like this before either. The Pelican write-up is great for this too. Only tool I had to buy was a tranny holder to go on my floor jack and some tall jack stands. The IMS tool I bought with the bearing. Put in a new clutch, flywheel, AOS, and oil fill tube while there. Trick is to put the new RMS in at the proper depth (I think it's 13mm) You can make this tool or buy one (expen$ive) Everything else was pretty easy. Lock the engine at TDC with the bolt thing and mark the cam positions. Do the work and check the cam positions again. I believe an 01 will have the earlier chain setup where it's difficult to make anything skip a tooth, etc.. Not sure of the extra steps for a tip but I'd say go for it.

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