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Well, aside from concurring w/ particlewave about ditching the whole thing and going aftermarket...

Know that Bose does funny things when it comes to impedence/resistance so you'll likely need to acquire a Bose amp to make the speakers run ok. Stock speakers are 2 & 4 Ohm depending on location and this is also what will be needed for the Nokia amp you picked up. That said, if you want to use the amp and Bose parcel shelf shell... you'll likely need (and want) to swap out all speakers (dash, door and those in Bose shell) w/ some decent aftermkt stuff with good ranges. This includes ditching the tuned ports in door (which house 5.25" drivers) and making a custom baffle to house 6.75" or 6x9" drivers (as the amp has a crossover built into it and most 5.25" can really hit lows w/o a lot of power and 40W isn't nearly enough).

CD Changer: if you have, it should be in the front trunk against the firewall. Otherwise you'll need to pick one of those up too...

As the architecture of your vehicle's sound system is basically 15 years old (1997 was first MY) this topic has been covered extensively countless times. More than enough good information on how and what to do is in the archives here (hint: search using part #s you have will help isolate good threads).

Good luck
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