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Upgrade from Porsche Sound Package to Bose


I have a 2001 Boxster S with the Porsche Sound Package 4X40w Amp, Dash speakers, Door speakers/woofers.

I have purchases a full set of Bose speakers - Dash,Door and Parcel shelf woofer but as system was not MOST did not get Bose amp, Instead I have a 6X40 AES amp (in fact I also have Nokia 6X40 amp, got a bit carried away on ebay).

My intention is to replace the existing speakers with the bose speakers (which I am guessing are different from the existing ones), replace the 4x40 with one of the 6X40 and use that to drive the lot.

1) Is this feasible?
2) If not should I leave existing speakers, add parcel shelf woofer and switch amps.
3) any other suggestions using these parts i.e. No replace with after-market set-up I have already purchased the Bose set-up and really want to use it if at all possible.

Also According to my option list I have the Prepare for CD changer option. What does this include and If I buy a cd changer what do I need to to to get it installed?

Thanks in advance.
2001 Boxster S in Lapis Blue

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