Thread: Diy rms/ims ???
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Diy rms/ims ???

I've been thinking of replacing my own RMS and upgrading the IMS. I wanted to see how doable this would be (in my garage on the floor). I have worked on Porsches since the 80's so I'm very familiar with them. Normally my brother (who's a tech at a Porsche dealer) does all the huge jobs for me, but he's been so busy with actual customers he hasn't had time to fit me in. I've been trying to wait patiently, but the oil spots in my driveway are getting larger and larger.
The Boxster (actually my wife's) is an 01, auto, with 90K miles on it.

One thing I have going for me is... we have a third car for situations like this (after owning so many Porsche you learn to have a backup car ) So I'm in no time crunch.

So how doable is this?
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