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windscreen broke

Dang. Went to put the windscreen back in, and one side wouldn't click. The little plastic tip is broken off. Didn't notice anything unusual when I took it out.

Soooo, I tied a piece of string around it and went out motoring for a few hours. The string doesn't look very "Porschelike", if you know what I mean. But it held tight and the windscreen didn't vibrate at all.

Permanent fixes???
a. But soembody else's stolen windscreen on ebay (don't like this somehow).
b. Try to find a legit ebay seller who is wise enough to sell the goodies before they sell the car.
c. Buy a new one from Porsche ($$$).
d. Get majic markers and color the string to match the yellow roll hoops.

Can you superglue this type plastic? Anybody successfully fixed this problem? Winter is coming and the screen is a must.
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