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You know, I have no idea why a "fender bender" totals a Porsche, but if you look at all the boxsters on salvage yards I frequent, the damage isn't so bad at first glance. They just look as if they need a new hood, front fenders, bumper, a headlamp, possible sub-frame straighening, etc.

It may be that the cost of these parts is so prohibitive that they just total it and give the owner a check. Lord knows a wrecked car never drives the same as it did beforehand, and in a Porsche, you feel the road and car so much that the difference would be very noticeable.

On the Boxster it might be that the insurance company does not believe the structural integrity of the car is intact considering it's a convertible.

We should get an insurance adjuster to tell us why. I'll call my agent and ask and report back here.
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