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Wow thanks Jack. That is a great and informative video and very nicely put together. I appreciate your generosity in sharing it. I have never been to willow springs but I may have to put it on the list for next year.

Something worth noting (for those new to track driving) is how flowingly and sparingly Jack uses his steering wheel despite the obvious pace he is carrying. Dennis Macchio at Bertil Roos explained to me once that every change in direction (however small) requires energy and that that energy (if expended) will cost you speed. To him the ideal corner attack was a single movement from straight to turned (at turn in), a held line that takes you past your visualized apex and a single movement of unwinding that takes you back to your track out. Anything else was just a waste of energy. Jack ably demonstrates this talent on nearly every corner in this video.

Nice job and thanks Jack.

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