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Another 986Forum Testimonial . . . And a Radio Question

CEL popped on about 2 weeks ago. My wife took the car (2002 Base) to Autozone and had them read the code(s) It came back as P0430, possible problem with one of the cats. I researched the posts on this forum and several suggested before one starts throwing money at the cats and O2 sensors to try replacing the gas cap. I ordered one from Autozone and had them reset the CEL.

Two days later the CEL came on again and my new gas cap arrived. The sales associate at Autozone reset the CEL again and I installed the new gas cap. That was 8 days of every day driving ago and no new CEL. Spending $13 sure beats the heck out of throwing away hundreds that would not have solved the problem. Thanks 986 Forum!

Now my question. Back in the Winter a couple of local hoods broke into my garage and tried to hot wire my car. They trashed the dash in the process. Insurance took care of everything, but ever since I have had the car back the radio sounds horrible on FM and I cannot get any AM stations. I am thinking someone forgot to hook the antenna back up. Is there a plug or connector I can check to see if the antenna is connected properly?
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