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(Fake?) Racing at Willow Springs

Here is a video from two weeks ago at Willow Springs. My best lap time was 1:40 which was a big improvement from my previous times.

Be sure to check out the car spinning off the track in front of me just past the 4:00 mark. What you don't see is the GT-3 Cup car passing me on the outside of Turn 2 which is why I had to stay tight on the inside and go through the dirt cloud.

As I went through the dirt cloud at about 90mph, I was hoping that he was still out in the dirt, but you'll also see the car coming back towards the track as I go by and he DID come onto the track behind me (I saw this in the rear view mirror). Then the GT-3 completes the pass just before we roll into Turn 3. Made for a busy several seconds in the cockpit.

Sorry, I couldn't resist the "(Fake?)" racing title in reference to a few other posts in this section of the Forum. Just in fun. Hope no one gets mad.

POC WSIR Boxster April, 2012.wmv - YouTube
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