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Originally Posted by ry_guy
Hey everyone, I'm driving a really boring car right now and it's time to upgrade. I have a connection with with a classic sports car dealer who can get me a car at cost. I want a Boxster. Probably 1999 or newer with about 40,000 miles on it (I'm not rich). How much should I spend? Are Boxsters reliable? Im serious about owning one so any advice or tips would be very appreciated.

It seems to me that if you can "get a car at cost", then you should go for the most car you can afford with the option packages you would like. I'm not sure when P introduced PASM and Sport Chrono as options, but if you are into performance, you may want to consider driving a Box with those options to see if they are things you will "need" in yours. In my brief experience with the Box-S, having these is like having two cars for the price of one(plus options cost).

Owing a 987-S, I am partial to the S. The S will give you more HP/TQ than the regular flavor version.

I also think appearance wise, the 03 ( and 04) Box looks extra agressive with the body colored side and front grill strakes that are closer to the surface and almost flush to the body. I think 03 was the first year P went to a glass rear window too.

There's been a lot of dicussion in the forums about a continual Rear Main Seal problem with the Box in general, so you might want to inquire further before purchasing the specific vehicle. It won't hurt to at least have the dealer throw the car on a lift for you just to see if there is any oil residue anywhere, corrosion, wear, etc.

Just a few things to consider. When you get right down to it, I don't think there's a "bad choice" among the different Box years/models, it's just some may offer a bit more in what you may want later. And as Blink suggested below, get ready for a ton of great driving!

Good luck.
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