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My ownership experience was one of the best and worst car experiences I've had.

I just sold my 2000 Boxster after owning it for 5 years. The least I spent on it in one year for maintenance was $2000. The most was last year and that was $6000 (new top, rear suspension failed, right rear axle, MAF, window regulator).

I've owned over 30 cars in my life and it was the most enjoyable car (not even close to the fastest) I've ever driven. It handled AMAZING with H&R clubsport coilovers, good tires, and aggressive alignment and, after desnorking it, it was also one of the most enjoyable sounding. I loved everything about the car except the ridiculously high maintenance costs, the $12k bill for a new engine always hanging over my head, and the fact that because of the engine issues, all M96/M97 engined cars will eventually be relegated to worthless status at some point.

I can handle the high maintenance costs, but having such a poor engine in such an expensive (when new) car is just unexcuseable and was the ultimate deal breaker.

I'm going to wait 4 years and see how the new 981 Boxsters hold up and pick up a nice lease return.
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