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Unfortunately, it sounds like you are headed for the Dealer.

I wouldn't mess with the top too much. Of course it is worth a peek under the
cover to make sure everything looks normal. I would look under the back part of the top where the engine cover is and make sure that the straps are connected properly and none of the hydrolic cylinders look moist or out of alignment. If everything appears normal, then it is time to call in the pros.

Cooling system running a little hot may be a few things:

Fluid level.. it seems you checked that.

Air pocket in the coolant system.. can be solved with flushing and bleeding the air out of the system.

Bad fan somewhere.. confirm all of your fan fuses are in order. Also check when you turn the a/c on does the auxilliary fan come on as well.

Stuck thermostat... on the Box, not sure where to find it. This may be stuck and not letting the coolant flow where it needs to go to cool the engine or back thru the radiator to get cooled.

Fan temperature sensor... controls the off and on of the fan system.

None of the above situations are really any large problem and should be easy to
diagnose and repair.

Last question is smell. Do you smell a sweet smell like maple syrup. This can sometimes indicate a damaged heater core or leaking core. This is an expensive fix, but not terribly likely and probably wouldnt make the car run too hot.

Hope some of this helps!
Best of luck,

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