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Originally Posted by RandallNeighbour
jeph, I have suggested to the owners of this board that they should put an articles area of the site in plain view for all new folks to this board or new/potential Porsche owners.

I think it takes programming money and they just bought this board from the guy who created it... it's gaining financial momentum with banner ads (sponsors), but it's probably slow going.

Here's a list of things anyone should read up on and learn about before buying a used Boxster. The search engine is a good place to find threads relating to each topic:

Owning a Boxster
- The convertible top ("chopping" the window so it doesn't crack, etc.)
- The dreaded Check Engine light (when it stays on-not blinking-you probably have a cap loose somewhere (oil, radiator, gas) or a O2 sensor or MAF is out and that will cost you some $$. When it blinks you are screwed.)
Hope all this helps you!
Not to hijack this thread, but could someone please explain the term "chopping" the window? I have searched to no avail.

Any more detail on a flashing CEL?


edit...nevermind about the chopping...applies to plastic. I assume this is uncalled for with a glass rear window.

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