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Soon to be a boxster owner

Well, I just hit the "buy it now" on ebay for an 00 Boxster S with about 53k on it. The car is loaded with options and has the 6spd. I don't like automatic, so that was important to me.
I am flying up to Chicago next weekend to test drive the car and make sure it all checks out ok. The guy at the dealer said he guarantee's the engine, and trans is top notch, only time will tell. Anyway, I was wondering if someone could lend some more insight as to what I should look for. According to Carfax the car was a one owner corporate lease auto and it was sold to the dealer that has it now in an auction. I am getting the car for $23,800 and after looking at prices this appears to be a great deal to me, bust my bubble if you must
the car is Midnight Blue, blue top, and Tan full leather interior. It has a disk Changer, Nav System, cruise, power/heated seats, auto dimming mirrors, Bose stereo system, comes with the wind screen thing and roll bar covers, and has some other options, I just can't remember right now.
Basically the car has everything but Xenons and automatic.
Again, let me know if I'm being had or something, or if this seems to be a bad deal. I can work on the car myself I'm more than sure. I've rebuilt my 3000gt bottom up and i"m pretty sure the boxster won't be much of a challange after working on the worse car Mitsu has ever produced.
Well, that about sums it up. I look forward to be a fellow owner and I'll keep you all posted.
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