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new box from chi-town

first of all, thank you for this great forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
been around for like a year or so
and finally 2 months ago got a deal on as-is box
99 black on tan
was sitting outside for 15 months
I got it as a part of the payment for the service(I'm a contractor)
so long story short it cost me 1500$ ;->
I assumed that engine is bad (92k and the price)
have no key to test it
ordered ne key from Pelican but dealer wasn't able to program
He said to check alarm module or order new key
And yes floor on driver side was all wet
got the module out and drying now as I type
I hope that will help
but every trip to the dealer costing me like 2oo$(trailer+programing)
I'm thinking about buying used module with the paired remote and I'll move the key blade to it
will it work???

best regards to everybody
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