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DIY adjustable lumbar support

Or you can do what I did on my 986 2001 .....

I bought a $12 manual inflation blood pressure cuff. I took apart the back cushion and inserted the cuff bladder. I routed the tubing out the back of the seat and brought the inflation bulb around to the inside of the seat by the center console leaving it tucked between the seat and the console. Reinstalled the back cushion. It's all hidden and I just use my finger tips to pump up lumbar support when needed. reinflation is very infrequent. This is even less expensive and it looks stock.

Removing the back cushion is simple. just put the seatback forward. detach the bottom of the seat back by sliding the bottom anchor bar out. It just pulls straight toward the back of the car. Pull the bottom to the front and lift up on the cushion from the top. It just pops off.

Turn the cushion over and remove the material holding the leather cover. Pull back the sides. This will expose the cross chambers with foam cushioning. Now pull the arm cuff through at the lumbar level leaving the tubing hanging out toward the center console. Reinstall. Your back is good to go.

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