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I congratulate anybody who is contemplating buying a Boxster that reads these forums. Thinking about what u are getting into before buying is part of the fun. The can I afford it factor is huge. The Boxster is no ordinary car. Questions to ask I think should be: 1) Do I need a warranty? I took a chance and did not get one. I put that money aside for repairs. 2) The newer the better. My 2001 is ten years old and expect to put in $1-2 k a year into it. 3) A ppi is a must. 4) Think about whether u need an S model or not? 5) Think resale. Manual or tiptronic? Tiptronic harder to sell but better in city driving. What options? eg . psm or not?6) Shoestring budget for a Boxster? Forget it. This is no Miata.This is not all inclusive but something to think about before buying. One more thing - consider the IMS guardian. Lots of info out there. Enjoy the research.!
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