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Originally Posted by airtodd View Post
Chairman Ron, So this is typical in colder wather? The last time I changed fluid is about 10,000 miles ago. No fault indicators flash, just an annoying first 5 minutes of driving!! Hopefully nothing major happens.
Thanks for the help
First - if you've owned this for over 10,000 you must have gone through cold weather or a Winter or two. No? If so, and this didn't happen before, then it is now abnormal. Second, it it not normal for any automatic transmission (or manual for that) to change with the weather. Third - I would NEVER allow something to change on my car, that concerned me, and then drive it "Hoping nothing major happens."

If your car is performing differently, or acting up, get to a dealership and have it checked out. Otherwise, you might be one of those people who post - I hate Porsche and German cars and the ??? because I drove the car after loud noises, low engine oil, clunking sounds, transmission was acting up - and did nothing about it.
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