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UOA for 2006 987S Mobil 5W50 vs Red Line 5W40

As promised, here is my most recent UOA.


Almost 45,000 miles.
Owned since new.
This is the 7th oil change, first change done at about 1,000 miles.
First oil change was Mobil 1 0W40.
Oil changes 2-6 were Red Line 5W40.
Started doing UOA's on oil change #4.
Most recent report was for Mobil 1's 5W50
OEM filters.

I like the results of the Mobil 5W50 and plan to stay with it at least another year, or much longer. I expect my next UOA to improve (since the car will be near 100% 5W50, I assume there was a small amount of Red Line still in her veins).

You can see a big improvement in the UOA's when I cut the oil change interval down from about the 8,500 (TBN's were still good) mile mark to the current 6,000 miles mark.

You can see how the engine was still breaking in after 30,000 miles.

Keep in mind, the "Universal Averages" are for owners who average less than 4,000 miles on the drain interval.

As a side note, I think the elevated flash-point is due to Chevron Fuel System cleaner, but I can't prove it yet, That's why I add the Chevron on the last tank of gas prior to the oil change (about 400 miles before my planned yearly oil change).

Do rain. No winters. And when driven, the car usually does over 300 miles in a trip. I routinely drive 200 miles on the highway to hit 120 miles of spirited country roads in SW Wisconsin.
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