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I've got the late model Cayman II base 17" rims on my 2001 base Box. Here are the following observations:

1. The Cayman II rims are 7" wide 55 offset front (same as my original) and are 8.5" wide but only 40 offset rear (vs 48 original) - ie further out.
2. The Cayman II tire size is the same up front but only 235/50-17 behind
3. The Cayman II rims fit on the 01 base box, clears even the S brakes that I have up front BUT the rears (shod with 255/40-17) are beautifully further out, closer to the lip of the fender than the originals. But the front looks woefully too far in by comparison.
4. I find that the balance of the car is somewhat effected - the rears are so glued to the road much more than the front. I then added 7mm spacers upfront and this helped but the car still cannot re-gain its original "playfulness" and balance.

I'm now considering changing the front to 225/45-17 or getting 15mm spacers or finding a proper set of 986 boxster rims. I miss the quick steering reaction of the past and wonderful balance... I suspect changing to bigger or wider fronts may provide better balance but might worsen the steering reaction...

Hope this helps !

In case anyone is wondering, I had to swap rims as one of my fronts was dented so badly, the steering shakes practically at any speeds and the Caymans were the closest fit rims I could find at that time. I think they look kind of good too.

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