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If you ask for the diminished value, they will give it to you. If they say they won't, let them know you'll have to call your state's insurance commissioner's office and it will be done. In Georgia they are required to pay diminished value by law because the car, even though it's fixed, lost measurable retail value the instant it was hit. I can't imagine NJ is more lenient than GA.

I'm with Richard on getting your own repair costs. I'd take it to the local Porsche dealer's body shop or the one they use for repairs to get the estimate done. Get the estimate with only Genuine Porsche parts. The insurance company's estimate will be low and they will use whatever parts they can if you don't ask so they can save some bucks.

Most of all, don't sign anything until you are completely satisfied with the results of the work or the amount of the check.
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