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Originally Posted by deliriousga
The insurance company has to make you "whole". They need to cover the cost of getting it back to its' original condition and pay you diminished value (the difference in value between the now repaired Boxster and the previously never wrecked Boxster). You'll need to go to a dealer or two and ask them what that difference is and get it in writing.

Once you've settled on how much they are paying you for the damages, you can have them cut you a check directly and you decide what you want to do with it.

It's true that the insurance company will need to cover the cost of getting the bumper back to its original condition but they do not have to pay for the diminished value fo the vehicle. It's also true that they will issue to you a check directly.

I would recommend for you to negotiate with the shop first to find out if the shop is willing to swap the bumper for you once payment is received. Generally, when insurance company goes out to your home to inspect the vehicle, their repair estimate is lower than if you drop it at the shop and have the shop contact the insurance company to come down to inspect it. There are always hidden damages underneath the bumper such as the bumper support. Most shops will cooperate with its customers.

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