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If anyone is looking for a very nice set of clear headlights, I have a set of clear halogens for sale that are in very good condition (they were only used for 2 short Minnesota summers). I've been planning to list them on eBay, but I'd sell them for $650 plus shipping on this forum. They will be shipped in the OEM boxes that they came in when I bought them.
I chose to buy this set new because I did not want to buy a set that looked 'sandblasted' or that were yellowing like many used lights out there. I have not seen many CLEAR halogen sets on eBay (mostly used Litronics or the old orange style, and Litronics prices have gone up for a nice set). I am sure someone could buy a cheaper set, but they won't look as good as these.
These lights will fit any Boxster from 1997 to 2004.
More pics available on request.
Not sure about xenon bulbs and yellowing other than posts like these. I would think if they are the same wattage, there shouldn't be a problem. These lights have the OEM bulbs now but I used Silverstar Ultras when they were on my car, which were a little 'whiter' in color temp.
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