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Originally Posted by madmods
I had similar issue (running hot, slippering, noisy, had it all at once). The transmission’s coolant vacuum valve broken in the 'SHUT' mode. That thing is all made of cheap plastic so very likely yours is fried as well. I've just toss away mine and bypassed the valve with a 3/4" aluminum tubing and two little clips ($2 fix). Now the tip is getting free flow of coolant 100% of the time…. just need to be careful not to push it TOO hard when cold but then, who does that!

Just sharing mate... not sayin this is for sure what's going on with yours.
I can't tell you how grateful I am for this information. I just finished running a little test on the valve with my MityVac and it won't hold a vacuum. I had already ordered the new valve (only $17) based on your diagnosis but now I know for sure my valve is bad.

Your tip has been the single most valuable piece of internet advice I've ever received. I was actually thinking about trading in the car because I thought the transmission was about to fail. My mind was latched on to the idea that the hissing sound was transmission fluid and I never even considered the possibility of a vacuum leak.

Thanks again.
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