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Thanks for the "tip" on the Tip cooling valve.

I've actually calmed down a little today. I took it for a drive in the early sunrise conditions and the car went back to being it's old self. No funny noises. So I'm less worried that I'm facing imminent failure. I measure the tran fluid temperature and got a reading of 202 at the drain plug and about 175 on the side of the pan. I don't understand why they aren't the same but the temps aren't crazy in mild conditions.

I actually sold my 2005 Corvette this week because I realized I was driving the Boxster almost exclusively and couldn't justify two sports cars. Of course the very next day I drove the Boxster in hottesttest weather so far this year and panicked when I heard the bad hissing sound.

I was thinking about buying a 2012 Focus or maybe (blushes) a Miata.
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