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FS: NJ, Super Cheap 18x8.5F 18x10R "Royal Brand" wheels

Hey there 986forum, I do not know too much about these wheels. Here is what I do know:

The previous owner mounted them on his 996 C4S with a 20mm spacer.

The wheels are 18x8.5F and 18x10R , the front tires are 225/40/18 and the rears are 255/35/18 , 3 tires are Perelli PZero Nero and one is a Continental Conti-Sport contact 2. The rear tires are practically bald and should be considered useless / emergency use only.

They are stamped "Royal", I am guessing that is the brand, a quick Google search did not give me much information on the company. They are also stamped "Germany".

One of the rears have more curb rash than the others, as a set they are in fair - good shape.

I am guessing they are the proper offset / sizes for a Boxster or NB 996 - that said, the previous owner did have them on the C4S with a 20MM spacer.

I am selling these wheels for cheap. $200 takes em, pick up from my home in Little Ferry NJ , they're not worth shipping and I want the prospective buyer to be able to inspect them in person so there is no confusion or discrepancies.


The other side is not as bald as this one.
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