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I think those thing here retails at $38.46 or RMB250.00

Works with Durametric ver3 and ver5 blah blah, and some other software I've heard, but very limited in terms of comm bus/interface engineering mate. I personally noticed that the cable was twice slower while communicating with the ecu compared to my local expert's piwis tester, the pc hangs 50% of the time, needs killing duramet.....exe from task manager, restarting the soft can take 2 min, turn key off/on/off/on, only if you are lucky you'll have a steady durametric session. Obviously a no go given the price of an new porsche ecu :/

If you do get this cable (not that I encourage counterfeit, I'm the most culprit), like my porsche expert friend here says... just use it to "read only" and do NOT use for clearing codes, starting fans, drive links ect... e.g. sending any currupted data to ecu

(my exp anyway... I only let my porsche guy here touching that thing from now on)

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