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Originally Posted by Keith Newby
Porsche did pre wire the car for rear speakers. The plug's located in the convertable top well behind the passenger seat. Many people have installed speakers in their storage box...a search will bring up serveral threads on the subject.

Porsche did NOT prewire Boxsters for speakers back there unless they were installed as the factory option.

That being said, adding them is not difficult by any stretch of the imaginationl... including running the wires as they are prebundled. Trickiest part of install is cutting the old cubby bins out of the enclosure but even that is not hard. There are some OEM kits around as well as aftermkt ones on ebay. I think now a days they go for ~ $150 locked and loaded. With an '02, you'll have to connect them to the back of the head unit to power up (at 18W per channel). Or you can find a 6ch x40W amp from a 996 to replace the one in your front trunk and wire them there powering all channels at 40W.

Definitely a worthwhile upgrade and there are many DIY posts here and on other Boxster forums to walk you thru. Just search on rear speaker kit.

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