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'99 Boxster engine core

I am selling the old 2.5L engine from my '99 Boxster. I replaced the engine due to main bearing failure due to (I assume) oil starvation during cornering on the track. The engine is an "X" serial number engine, so AFAIK it is a factory refurb engine. The chassis had just under 65k miles when the engine came out, so the engine had something less than that on it. The engine is complete and stock, though the accessories are all shot. I swapped them all to the replacement engine I received and these all show signs of bearings going bad. This would be a good core (again, I assume) for a race rebuild. I am asking $500.

I have not opened the engine, so I do not know the extent of the damage. Brass bits (small bits) were found in the oil filter indicating main bearing damage.

FWIW, I am selling it because I got the replacement engine from OK Foreign and they are being very difficult about me sending the core back to them for credit.
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