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Originally Posted by DEye
That makes me seriously think about getting the Extended Car warranty ( if i can get it on a US car imported into Canada)
I looked into aftermarket warranties about 4-5 years ago, and you couldn't get them in Canada. You had to have bought the car from a Canadian dealer. Maybe things have changed...

As it was I did that - bought my 01 from a Canadian dealer, and I bought the extended warranty. Waste of money.

If you're handy and like working on cars, these are easy cars to work on in spite of the engine being "hidden". Between the Bentley manual and all of the uber-helpful folk on this forum, I started off with brakes (snap), have done a few other projects, and am currently doing a project that includes replacing water pump, low temp thermostat, "S" oil cooler, fuel filter, motor mount, and a brake/clutch fluid flush.

As I get more confident of working on the car, my plans are that when the Box is hibernating for the winter, I'll change the clutch, and at the same time do the IMS and RMS. I'll probably do the spark plugs and tubes at the same time.

For some reason I have no interest in doing this sort of work on my other cars - I just find it fun on the P-car.
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