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Cool Interested in buying a Boxster

Welcome to the Forum, you sure are in the right place.. just a matter of time before you actually own one with an informed decision.
At least you are doing your research now, (before buying) than later (meaning you already bought one) !
There are a lot of respected individuals here at the Forum , and one of them is already in this chain of Threads, Mike Focke is his name and you can start browsing his article on buying/owning.maintaining one.. There are plenty of contributors in this Forum and names you would be familiar with as you get comfortable surfing the Forum...
At the end of all your research, it would still help to buy the best condition,well optioned and not necessarily lowest mileage car.. Color of choice would be yours.... and the differences between years... 97-02,and 03-04 and so on....
Good luck on your search.... you'll have this permagrin on your face once you own and drive one...
Happy Boxstering !
t2 (986 04S)
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