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What you (I) can look forward to !

G'Day Eh !

So I'm new to this forum, had a couple of Cars.
2002 MINI Cooper - Dropped a Valve - Gone.
1990 Miata - Running Fine - But to Small - My head touches the roof.

Been interested in getting a Porsche for a while, and I *fit* in a Boxter.
So I'm trying to walk into this with my eyes open.

Been lurking and reading some of the threads here and wondering how much i'm looking at for yearly maintenance / repairs realistically.
I'm looking at a 2002 Sport Touring edition with 90K.
I'm going to ask have it taken it to a Porsche dealer and give it the once over.

Someone referenced Edmund's Cost of ownership - and it comes up with this.

About 2k to 3k a year ?
I've done a fair amount of work on the last two cars, pulled all the suspension off, bushings, brake lines, pads rotors etc... - No Engine work

Can you work on these cars your self - it seems like it based on some posts - But Heck - I have yet to actually *see* the engine

You can't get there from Here !

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