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I think this would be a great idea to have everything in one section. All of the n00bs (including me) could get a lot of information from that section. But what if a newbie has a question or a comment that just wasn't covered the way he/she wanted to ask it or it is similiar but just doesn't get answered for the newbie. So he jumps on the forum to ask a question and the first reply is "Look this up in this section this has been asked before." I know this isn't going to be said all the time. But from a newbie's standpoint, we just want to get out here and interact with all of the members that have Boxster's. And what better place to come to a site that everyone on the site is passionate about what that newbie wants. You know thinking about it, putting myself in your position (the position of already having a boxster which I don't) maybe I wouldn't want to say the same thing over and over again for each newbie who joins. But I think if you are passionate about it(and I know you all are) I would really think I would reply to each newbie who joins. Just to interact with people who have the same passion that I do!!! Porsche Boxsters!!!! :dance: (just my 2 cents, correct me if I am wrong )

So just to let you know I am a n00b that joined about 4 days ago and so far I love this forum. Everyone here is very nice, and has a lot of experience with the Boxster. I do appreciate this site and all of the information. I will probably be lurking on this site for a year and a half before I get a Boxster. That is when my wife will be graduated from College. She doen't have a job right now so it is just my income paying the bills. So I hope you guys don't mind me lurking out here.

I have one last thing, is there a place where all of the porsche boxster owners meet once a month or something like that to show of there cars? I live in Gilbert AZ and I love going to see cars especially Porsche's but I don't know of any place that you guys get together just to shoot the breeze.... I go to the Scottsdale Pavillions every other Saturday or so just to check out the passion people have for there cars.

Well Thanks for reading and I hope I am not off base with any of this. I look forward to hopefully meeting you guys and one day seeing your beautiful Boxsters one day.
I so want a Boxster!
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