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Originally Posted by Auf los!
I've bought from Suncoast the "PORSCHE" Boxster Spyder rocker decals, aka "side stripes," and now I am looking to install them myself. I know that some here have done it, got any tips for me? Thanks!


If I was applying a clear bra film to the car I would clean the area with alcohol after washing it thoroughly.

The soap solution I would use is 1 or 2 drops of Johnson's Baby Shampoo in a 16oz. spray bottle. Too much soap will make it so slippery you'll have trouble.

As far as a squeegee to use I have many styles here but if you go to the stickercity web page I believe they have all the tools you need for a successful install. A credit card can scratch the vinyl or the paint, I would never use one, it's not flexible enough either. If you call stickercity ask for Dutch and tell him what you are attempting, he can give you the information you need.

Try and keep the area you are working in CLEAN. I say this because when you remove the backing from the vinyl it will create a static charge and pick up anything in the area like a magnet! I have on occasion washed the floor and worked on the car wet to insure no dust particles get attached to the fillm.

Spray not only the paint with the slip solution but spray the vinyl as you use the squeegee to keep it lubricated.

Good luck with it and take your time!
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