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tim -

without this bushing, you would have known IMMEDIATELY that something was very wrong when you drove your car.

the tie rod end has a tapered pin that goes into a steel bushing (an insert pressed into the aluminum wheel carrier). sometimes, when the tie rod is pressed out of the wheel carrier, the bushing will come out with it.

the ONLY way for this to get 'lost' is if your mechanic lost it; this part cannot be removed without first pressing the tie rod out of the wheel carrier.

further, the hole in the wheel carrier gets HUGE when the bushing is removed. it goes from about 1/2" to about a full inch. this means that if the tie rod pin is inserted into the hole WITHOUT the bushing, there will be 1/2" of slop at the wheel carrier. the result would be a front wheel that basically acts like one of the crazy wheels on a bad shopping cart.

if he assembled your car without this piece, he is an absolute fool and has ZERO business touching your car.

bad news: that bushing is not available as a stand alone part.

good news: i will have an extra one next weekend.
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