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"Spindle" Suspension Problem

Last summer, I had my tie rod end replaced.

In the Fall, some kid backed into the front end, but this just seemed to be cosmetic. I mention this because I don't know if this could or couldn't have caused my problem. A few weeks later, my front left wheel felt like it was about to fall off.

I took her back to the mechanic that did the tie rod end and at first he thought it was a bad tie rod end that he installed. But, he called back and said after he took it off he noticed a round aluminum bushing missing where the tie rod goes into the spindle.

I'm no mechnic so I don't know (yet) what the hell a spindle is or even if that round thing is called a bushing. And the mechanic said he can't find this bushing and that it might even be called something different.

Are there any experts out there who can help me with what these parts are called and where to find them?

Thanks for your time,
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