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It's a noise I've never heard before on these cars. It is an innocent but very annoying whistle that I am 99% sure is the side view mirrors. Stopped for gas today, moved the windows around a bit and the noise was gone for a few miles. I'll call the dealer on Tuesday and see if they offer a fix since I know the issue. If they do that will be great, if not I'll probably do what is recommended as a quick fix which is caulk in the inner most 1/3 of the mirror. The car is pretty cool and seems to have two personalities, when you drive smoothly and shift before 4K the car is really comfortable. Let the RPM's climb over 4500 and the car really feels like a sports car. I can easily see long and comfortable drives in this car. Now I just need a place to go.

I'll keep this car as clean as possible but I may have just found my new DD unless the roads and forecast are terrible. These cars are meant and need to be driven. I realize this every time I get in this car.

The stereo is really pathetic, especially in this level car. I'm not going to upgrade it as it costs too much $$$.
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