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Yeah, I had my 06 out earlier this week also, and promptly proceeded to scrape the bottom of my newly-painted bumper cover.......Damn! I guess it was inevitable.

I haven't hand any whistling problem with my car. What sound package does your car have, base, plus, or Bose? I have the plus, and it actually sounds pretty good, with decent base from the door, but it deperately needs some rear speakers/base.

I assume you have PASM? I don't like the standard PSM when I'm trying to have fun on a nice warm day. It steps in WAY too early, cutting the throttle, and not allowing any "rotation". My next car I'll have to look into PASM, as it would be nice to still have a "safety net" vs. just turning it off like I do now. I'm looking forward to the drive home tonite!
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