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Finally got my car out today! A few thoughts on the 987

Bought an 05 S with 20K miles on it back in mid January. Finally, after over a month of being in the garage due to weather, got the car out today with the top down today. A nice surprise in mid Feb in the Philly area for sure. A few observations compared to my two previous 986 cars. First, the 987 feels a bit bigger, more stable and slightly more refined. I love the car so far and was very surprised at how quiet is is driving with the top up, it almost passes for a hardtop or regular coupe. Car is fast and it does so very calmly and without making the driver aware of the speeds, I can see how you can get speeding tickets in this car without driving. I like the 18" wheels and the ride is nice and firm, I did not put it in sport mode, that will have to wait till tomorrow. The stereo is pretty weak but it would take a lot of stereo to over power the wind at highway speeds.

I do have a question...when I am above 45-50mph, top down, I notice a very constant and annoying whistle. It's not mechanical but more like the side mirrors maybe? Any thoughts, it sounds to be wind related. (searched the Boxster forums and it seems to be a very common issue with a few fixes)

I like the car, a lot, and can see using it a lot more now that I got it out. I won't abuse the car in salt covered roads but this car will not be a garage queen anymore.

They are calling for almost 70 tomorrow. I will out out driving around taking advantage of the beautiful weather.
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