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I've got an extra hose - SOLVED

I'm in the final stages of reassembling my car after replacing the engine ('99). I've come across a hose that isn't connected to anything, isn't labeled, and I don't have any photos of me disconnecting it. I took pictures of everything I disconnected. EVERYTHING! I'm hoping it's just a vent line, or drain, but I'm looking for confirmation.

This line connects to the firewall at the rear trunk with the coolant lines. Looking at the lines from the front, they would look like this from eye level...

The top tube is the hard plastic oil filler tube. The two below it are the same diameter and slightly larger than the bottom one. The one on the left (passenger side) is slightly larger than the other three, but smaller than the oil filler tube. The bottom one is the one I am interested in. I have traced the others. The top one (below the oil filler tube) goes to the front of the car, so it is probably the overflow line. The one on the left has a "Y" that connects to the water pump and the other end goes to the front of the car. The middle one on the right (not counting the oil filler tube) is connects to the oil cooler. All of these lines have a hose clamp on them except the bottom one (the one I'm interested in).

So is this line a vent/overflow line? Anybody know? Is there a vent line from the overflow reservoir?

Here's a couple of pics of the line:
This first one is of the lines in the trunk. I'm interested in the bottom one.

This one shows the end of the line in question. I pulled it up to the top to get a better view of it.

This one is from the bottom and shows the lines going into the firewall to the rear trunk. The one in question is the bottom one here too.

Lemme know what you think/know. Thanks!

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