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4 bow compared to 3 bow examples and pics....

unfortunately I do not have a profile photo showing top up in engine access mode...
All I can tell you is that I have done a complete engine conversion and worked extensively on the top of the engine with no issues concerning engine top access. Unless your mechanics are completely disrespectful, I can not imagine how they would damage your top if you gave them a good tie strap ratchet to work with and showed them how to hold it up. Before any mechanic does any work on my car I explain to them the proper way to use the strap and have it held up. it takes 2 minutes. not sure what else I can tell ya.

If you have the money and you like the look of the 4 bow, then go for the 4 bow. The Gahh top cost me about $1400-1500 installed using my existing 3 bow. To do a 4 bow system you will need a fabricator to make the 4th bow fit on your existing setup or purchase an entirely new 4 bow set. Just the glass top and fabric will still cost you around $1500 installed plus whatever the cost is to setup the 4th bow.. You can most likely find a 4 bow top from a Porsche dismantler or buy it new from porsche... Either way I think you will be paying about $2500-3000 for the 4 bow system used from a dismanlter..

one advantage of getting the 2003-2004 4th bow top is the sound insulation on the inside of the top. The 3 bow systems do not come with that.

best of luck. Having a glass top does wonders for the look and feel and the convertible top. You will not regret installing it. best of luck ;^) bill
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