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Hi guys. First post here. I stumbled upon you while looking at options for top replacement. I have a 98 Boxster and have been cursing at having to get out halfway through opening, fold the pvc window and get back in to complete the process. Thought I was an exception but I have discovered I am the rule.

I initially tried the official channels to have the OEM glass window top installed as I had been told by an authorized mechanic at some point in the past that all you need is a 4th frame bar added. The official response was that the solution is not recommended as it has never been tried and it is not certain it is possible.

Then I found various aftermarket solutions (such as GAHH's) that use the standard frame, but my joy was cut short by reports of messed up engine access.


Does anyone have pictures of access with original and GAHH-type top?
If I go for the OEM top with the glass window can I only add a 4th bar or do I need a complete new 4-bar frame as someone said here?
Either way what would that entail? Is it just a matter of mounting an additional bar or entire new frame to the same mounting points or are there more "initiatives" required?

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