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Originally Posted by 73Lifeliner
I agree. My wife's 02 at 21,000 miles RMS began leaking but no issue with that since. But, the alternator and water pump both go out within 2 weeks at 45,000 miles of one another not to mention the brake light switch and top parking brake sensor.
Got to love em. This week we pick up an 07 we just purchased but has a warranty until Dec 2013.

Anyone who buys a used Porsche with a warranty is paying for the repairs, the price of the repairs just happens to be built into the price of the car. That is why a car with warranty is usually anywhere from $2,000-$4,000 more than similar vehicles without a warranty.

My experiece from owning two BMW's that I bought CPO with warranties is that the warranty is about break even - meaning that the $2,500 premium that I paid to get a car with a warranty is about what I would have spent on repairs over the life of the warranty.

No surprise there, the dealers know what is likely to faill and the costs to repair the cars and set the CPO price according and the private market follows the same pricing model.

Since I really didn't save much with the warranty, I had no problem buying a nice '99 Boxster without any warranty. I'll pay for whatever needs to be fixed and come out about the same.
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