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I have the GAHH glass rear window convertible top on my 1998 Boxster and I love it... I would never go back to plastic and doing the Boxster Kung Fu Chop again everytime I wanted to put down the top (using hand to soften plastic window fold when lowering top)

I use to do extensive work on my car as well as all my own maintenace. All you need is a decent tie strap with the ratchet mechanism and that has the hooks rubber coated.

Put your convertible top in normal engine bay access position, undo cables etc... put one hook of the tie strap along the front edge of the top and
then the other hook right where the cable ball joint snaps into the lower edge of the rear of the top. You will see a metal support brace where
the cable is attached to and there is a small metal lip that the hook of the tie strap can hold on to. It helps to have some tension already in the tie down.

so, just ratchet up the back and while it is pulling together to fold, reach inside the car and push the glass up and over the roll bars, or as far up
as it will go. and just ratchet up some more to a point that seems good but not putting any unnecessary stress on your convertible top seams / glass.

I keep that tie down ratchet in my trunk at all times . I have used it for years like that and I have NO issues with clearence and maintenance access
to the top of the engine. I got the idea because Porsche mechanics use a similar tool to work on the 2003 glass top boxsters.

I hope this helps you .
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