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Originally Posted by eltren
Talking about my bought-without-inspection, seven-owner, police-confiscated-auctioned '99 base Tip.

This morning I didn't know how to find my engine.
Tonight I have a new engine air filter, a new cabin air filter, and I figured out how I'm going to tuck and glue the rear of the top back where it belongs.

The car seems to be responding happily to all I'm doing. Hell it seems to be getting better by virtue of being driven. It does have many, many electrical gremlins. Stereo turns off when you change cassette. Windows go down to 'top lowering' mode on their own.

It idles fine for most of the day as you drive, then it will stall at every light for 5 lights, then be fine again. I think I hear something firing up when it happens, but it's subtle.
Just had the oil changed. Checked it after just 100 mi, looks/smells dirty.
Bad sign, or just crap coming out that'll go away after a few changes?

Suspension seems to work fine, but the struts are heavily rusted. Prob/ no prob?

What else should I be thinking about? 69K mi...Unk service history.
I hope you got a really good price!
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