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yeah the lighting is a bit funny ... it's pure white. it had 3 owners before me. thankfully they all seemed to have looked after the car really well. the interior is spotless and there isn't a scuff on those wheels. theres a couple of door dings on the rear wing but that doesn't really bother me.

i've been rev'ing/driving it a bit too hard. have had to clean the brake dust off the wheels a couple times already ;-) .... and have suprised a few people on turns by appearing out of now where. i've kept the PSM on until (a) i get used to the steering and (b) have a bit more open space. had it properly on the freeway today for the first time and it was just a dream to drive.

i used to drive the an integra with a nice stereo system. now i don't mind having the radio off just so i can listen to that engine.

can't believe i waited this long to get one.
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