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[QUOTE=longislander1]You would think Porsche would update their web site with the 2006 figures, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!![/QUOTE

As for the website, the "build your own" pages are screwed up anyway, even for MY 2005. It's not set up to prevent you from ordering duplicate or conflicting options (e.g., if you select individual options and also the "packages" that include them, you'll be charged for both) and some of the "S" options get charged at the higher "base model" prices -- like Bose with windstop for the "S" is $1,900, which is the "base" option price. Then, although I've tried it three times, you can't "save" your car selections. All in all, a sloppy effort for a company that is supposed to be a high-tech leader.

Plus, the 2006 Order Guide is not even out yet, and the only cars that can be ordered now are MY 2006. How hard could it be? Doesn't exactly instill confidence in Porsche.
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