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I wonder if Porsche sales departments can be manipulated the way I've done it at the Lexus store across the freeway.

I got into the finance office and said I didn't want the CPO car in between signatures. Said it just wasn't a good deal. Finance guy got so red in the face he had to leave the room.

Came back in with the sales manager and asked me what would get me to sign the rest of the papers and complete the deal.

Told him that I needed the next THREE service intervals paid for (2100.00 in total) and a new set of floormats... and I wouldn't take possession of the car until I had it in writing and the mats in the car. My argument was these were very soft costs for them and very HARD costs for me.

Mats were transferred from a new car's trunk. I made the service manager sign three business cards authorizing the services before I signed anything else.

Doing the deal AGAIN in the middle of the signing process really screws with their little delivery process... they just don't expect anyone to stop signing papers and will try to accomodate you just to get back on track. Try it!

All they can do is tell you to have a nice day, and then you can say "Just kidding! where are those papers to sign?"

Richard, I promise not to do this to you when I buy my next Boxster from you... as long as the price is fair in the first place

Buying cars can be the most frustrating thing in the world until you just emotionally detach yourself from the purchase, view it as a high stakes game, and remain in control of the negotiations.

Betcha can't tell I sold cars for a while, huh?
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