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Originally Posted by lejolierogue
and if you have bad experiences, its part of the ride. Move on and get over it. I've had my 99 for 10 years now and is a daily driver. My biggest one time expense was $1000 bucks.
Er, easy for you to say since you've obviously never suffered a major problem with you car. Come back with that cheery attitude after your engine has just grenaded and you literally cannot afford to replace it and I will duly doff my cap. If you've either never suffered a major problem or wouldn't really struggle to pay for it (I'm guessing both apply to you if you are Ferrari shopping), it's a bit harsh to lecture people for whom these problems are much more critical!

I agree that a leap of faith has to be made - I made one on my Box big time (so far, so good). But I absolutely wouldn't criticise anyone for being nervous about their car or upset when it fails. There but for the grace of god etc.
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