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So here are my questions around that:

1. Spark plugs - Going to buy original plugs or NGKs from ********************************AZ (cheapest). Any preference for one or the other? Do I need to replace spark plug tubes, or is that a nice-to-do? NGKs are OK. If the tubes are leaking replace the o-rings.

2. Oil - I read somewhere that a canister style screw-on filter is thought to be ideal. I like the concept of being able to inspect the open cartridge filter though. Is there a preferred brand and any reasoning? I have the drain-plug removal tool & cartridge filter socket. Standard Porsche Filter is fine, be sure to use 0-40 or 10-40 synthetic. My choice is Castrol.

3. Brake fluid - A quick inspection makes this look like every other car. Anything unique here? I'm going to suck the reservoir dry, re-fill it, and then bleed from each brake caliper. Just making sure Porsche didn't insert any extra steps. Do not suck it dry, bad mistake. Look at the color, if its golden buy the blue, so when you bleed each caliper yo can see the color change and know you flushed the line. You need 2 people for this or get a tool for to do it by yourself.

4. Serpentine Belt - I like Gates brand and saw it for inexpensive. Any comments on that? Use the Porsche OEM.

5. Trans/Rear Diff Fluid - Going to replace with Porsche-brand just because. Any recommendations, special tools, etc.? It's a 90 weight gear lube...have fun on this.

6. Shifter bushings - I'm going to replace these, and inspect the engine mounts. The shifter feels decent, but aged. And sometimes weird resistance as it's engaging the gear. No other words to describe it. Are there upgraded bushings, or just use stock? I have a TIP so no help here. Motor mounts usually are worn out around 60K....yes, inspect it.

All filters, fluids, spark plugs, and the serp belt will be replaced (except coolant and power steering). Any other recommendations for inspection? The car operates great. Air filter, cabin filter and fuel filter.

My goal at the end of the day is to do as much as possible myself and keep this a glorious, low-cost-to-own, fun car my wife and I enjoy for 8500 miles a year and garage 3-months a year. I look forward to using this forum to that end

Go to Pelican Parts they have very prices and carry OEM and what they think is suitable non OEM part. The also have a Tech section so you will know what you need to have and do while performing your maintenance, also go to Pedro's Garage, nice FYI section there.

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